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Playlist + plus, B.B. King

Playlist + plus, B.B. King
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Playlist + plus
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B.B. King
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Disc 1. Sneakin' around -- How blue can you get -- Help the poor -- Never trust a woman -- Every day I have the blues -- Sweet little angel (live) -- Please love me (live) -- All over again -- Don't answer the door -- Gambler's blues (live) -- Tired of your jive (live) -- Sweet sixteen (parts 1 & 2) -- Paying the cost to be the boss -- LucilleDisc 2. Watch yourself -- Why I sing the blues -- So excited -- The Thrill is gone -- Hummingbird -- Chains and things -- Nobody loves me but my mother -- Ghetto woman -- Ain't nobody home -- I got some help I don't need (single edit)Disc 3. Guess who -- I like to live the love (single edit) -- To know you is to love you -- Let the good times roll (live) -- When it all comes down (I'll still be around) -- Never make a move too soon -- Better not look down -- Caldonia (live) -- There must be a better world somewhere -- When love comes to town -- I'll survive -- Is you is or is you ain't my baby
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