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Caley Cross and the hadeon drop, Jeff Rosen

Caley Cross and the hadeon drop, Jeff Rosen
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Caley Cross and the hadeon drop
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Jeff Rosen
Series statement
Caley Cross series, Book one
"Caley Cross has always known she's not a "normal" thirteen-year-old (her ability to create zombie animals was her first clue). Still, she never expected to be whisked off to a faraway world--Erinath--where she is Crown Princess and people have "baests" that live inside them, giving them fantastic, animal-like powers. Which would be cool, except that Caley's baest turns out to be an ancient monster that can swallow planets. Despite this, Caley manages to make the first friends of her life, Neive Olander and Kipley Gorsebrooke. They help her navigate the Erinath Academy, where students train to compete in the annual and deadly Equidium contest, flying giant, dragonfly-like orocs. But to add to her usual (bad) luck, an evil "Watcher" known as Olpheist is seeking her, anxious to retrieve something that will make him immortal." -- Amazon
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pre adolescent
Caley Cross & the hadeon dropHadeon drop
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